What Are You Giving Up, Getting Rid Of or Taking on This Lent?

Lent begins Wednesday, February 18. This year I’m  adding to my standard bag-a-day discipline I picked up from Rev. John Arnold several years ago. For each day of Lent, I get rid of a plastic grocery sack full of something. It can be tossed, recycled, sold, donated or given away, but it has to leave the house.

In addition to that, I’m going to start paying attention to how much trash I generate on a daily basis. I’ve been following Lauren Singer’s blog Trash is for Tossers. Lauren has lived almost completely trash free for the last two years. She has a mason jar that holds the non-recyclable trash she has generated during that time. That is a little lofty for me. Not only is Lauren single with no kids or pets, she has connected her lifestyle to her occupation, so it’s kind of her job to maintain this trash-free way of being.

Not counting any thing that is already here that might make it into one of my bags to be tossed, I’m going to try to keep the trash I generate down to a mason jar a day. That means goodbye to Sonic drinks that come in big styrofoam cups. Takeout meals will have to carefully considered. Grocery/tote bags will have to go with me everywhere. Mail orders need to be only from folks who ship in recyclable packaging. A trash free (or reduced) life is not a convenient one. But after looking at how little Lauren generates, it has made me realize just how much trash I am responsible for each day and how little I pay attention to being a good steward of God’s good creation.

I’m going to try to account here for what rubbish I get rid of and what I manage not generate each day. We’ll see how it goes.

So, what will you do (or quite doing) for Lent?

Rev. Anne Russ

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2 thoughts on “What Are You Giving Up, Getting Rid Of or Taking on This Lent?”

  1. Anne, one of the adult Sunday School classes is having a “give away” in May of all the things we accumulate! ask Jeff Price for better details etc BUT you might SHARE some of your things too
    PLEASE it is not my Sunday School class so I am only going by what Julietta Sublet said in the Children’s Sermon said yesterday

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