Less trash, Less Junk Lent–Day One

Today I bagged up some clothes to donate. One bag out. Thirty-nine to go.

This was my trash generation for the day: a label from a netted bag of avocados (I’m saving the netting to turn into a knitted scrub), the containers for my disposable contacts (that I trade out every two weeks), a plastic bag that tomatoes came in (I’ve ordered reusable produce bags), a label off of a skein of yarn, bandaid tabs and a couple of Kleenex (just can’t to the handkerchief thing).

Made a rookie mistake at Tuesday Morning. Had a bunch of reusable bags in the car, but wasn’t thinking about using them if I wasn’t heading in a grocery store, or maybe Target. I needed some sand for a prayer station. You know, that fancy clumping sand that makes less of a mess? When the clerk handed me my sand in a plastic bag, I realized my mistake. I handed the bag back to her and just took the boxes of sand. I don’t know if she re-used the bag or just tossed it. I do know she thought I was a little nuts.

I carried my own cup and reusable straw with me everywhere, so I used no plastic cups or straws, but I had to stop myself from driving through Sonic for my standard easy-vanilla limeade. Avocado and banana peels are bagged up to go to church with tomorrow and be deposited in the garden.

We have the potential to generate so much trash on a daily basis. Being mindful of it for just one day is a little exhausting. Hoping it gets easier with practice.

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