Less Trash, Less Junk Lent–Day Two

Dunkin Donuts Mondays are a “tradition” that my daughter and I have adopted in order to make going back to school after the weekend feel a little more bearable. Since she has been out the last three days, we had Dunkin Donuts Thursday. She was less-than-thrilled with me today because we parked and went inside rather than using the drive-thru.  I had to take my own cup and let them fill it up with iced coffee (black with unsweetened hazelnut).

“Do you know how much room one of those cups–even if I crumpled it up–would take up in my jar?” I asked her.  “I’d have failed in my quest for the day by 8 a.m.”

She was not impressed.

The jar was slightly overflowing today as I bought a book for church and let the bookstore put it in a bog and hand it to me. Didn’t even think about it until much later in the day.

I believe I will be saving money and calories this Lent as it is almost impossible to have a trash-free (or even a low-trash) drive thru experience.

My bag-a-day was actually a bag of Target bags that I cut up to make “yarn” and am currently knitting into a reusable tote bag (that I will give away in order to fulfill the promise of getting it out of my house). It’s day two. There’s no way I can keep up this level of obnoxiousness.


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