Less Trash, Less Junk Lent–Days Three and Four

Hmmm, I haven’t been able to measure my trash output as well over the last two days because I traveled to a Presbytery meeting yesterday, spent the night and came back today.

I did take my own cup to fill with water, tea, etc. No drive-thru restaurants were (miraculously) involved. I’m pretty sure I could have filled my mason jar with what the trash from the free hotel breakfast this morning–although, I was pleased to see that no styrofoam was in sight (kudos Hampton Inn).  Since I wore black leggings and tunics both days, there was no need for paper napkins, I could just wipe my hands on my pants…just kidding…sort of.

Friday, I got rid of over a bag full of magazines that are now resting comfortably in the recycle bin, and tonight, after returning from the meeting, I filled a bag with books that I will take to church in the morning to see if anyone wants before they land at Savers.

Tomorrow, I think I just might brave a junk drawer or two.

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