Less Trash, Less Junk Day Five

Yesterday I cleared out two bags–the discipline says one a day, but I have to double up some days because Spring Break always falls in the middle of Lent, and we are generally out of town for part of it. Took an overflowing bag of magazines to the recycle bin and tossed a load of trash from our everything-that-doesn’t-belong-somewhere-else room.

I didn’t even come close to keeping my trash within the mason jar yesterday. While the box that brownie mix comes in is recyclable, the lining bag isn’t. I ordered some reusable sandwich and snack bags, as well as some reusable covers for fruit and small bowls (so you don’t have to use foil or plastic wrap), and they both came in non-recyclable packaging!

So I’m starting to make weird lists. For instance, while Bisquick pancake mix comes with an inner lining bag, Aunt Jemima’s just comes straight out of the box. Keeping track of mail order places that send their stuff in recyclable (or at least minimal) packaging. Thread up and Mod Cloth get good ratings on that.

After only about five days of paying attention to my trash output, I have realized just how much trash I was generating without even realizing it. This, of course, prompts me to think about just what else I haven’t really been paying attention to in my life. For instance, does someone who makes her living as a pastor get so caught up in doing “God stuff”  that she forgets to actually pay attention to what God is doing? Could be.


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