Less Junk, Less Trash Day whatever-it-is now

I’ve been doing the bag-a-day Lent thing for several years now, but adding the complementary discipline of trying to create less trash has turned the whole thing up a notch.  You begin to see the correlation between the stuff you bring in to your life and how the stuff starts to snowball.

Here are some of my growing edges in the less-trash effort:

  • Forgetting my own bags when shopping somewhere other than the grocery store. Something about running in to a store where I’m just picking up a couple of things doesn’t lend itself to remembering to take a bag.
  • The paper towel habit. Reusable rags just seem to get icky quickly and it feels more sanitary (and, yes, easier) to just grab a paper towel to wipe down cabinets and countertops and appliances. Maybe if I ordered a roll of these “unpaper” towels, I would do better.
  • Craftiness. I’m not really that crafty, but anything you embark upon that uses yarn, fabric, paint and/or glue ends up creating waste–especially the packaging some of the supplies come in. Not sure that there is much I can do about that.
  • Giving up the drive-through. Fast food is not only bad for you, it is a terrific trash generator. And even if I’m only getting a beverage using my own cup, I have to physically go in, rather than stay comfortably in my car, yell my order into a loud speaker and pick it up around the corner. Yes, I am just lazy enough that I find getting out of my car and ordering at a counter terribly inconvenient.

As far as clearing out what’s already here, I’ve found some good ways to recycle and reuse.

I sent off at least two bags worth of t-shirts that I wanted to keep in some form or another to Project Repat to turn into a quilt. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out (I’ve used them before, and they do great work).

While I’ve donated several bags of various and sundry items to our local Savers, I am also making use of ThredUp, a site that will buy your used clothing and give you cash or site credit (you end up with more money to use if you go the credit route). I’ve got over $50 in credit right now and can use it to buy previously purchased clothing–which fits into the whole creating less waste/trash thing.

I’ve got a bag of books I’m going to donate to Books for the Offering, a free book service to clients of Stewpot, a daily meal program operated out of “the other” First Presbyterian Church.

As the Lenten journey continues, I find myself being more aware of something already know–that we (especially I)  have way too much stuff.

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