Less Trash Less Waste Lent Continues

My efforts to be less wasteful in the grocery bag category are being thwarted by my grocery store. I have shopped at my local Kroger for years and really like the variety of products and the customer service, but they just don’t know what to do when a customer brings her own bag.  The first time, I let it slide because the bagger was one I’ve had many times. I know he is hearing impaired, and I thought it would be too hard to explain that I wanted him to put more items in my bags before switching over to the plastic. I feared I might do something stupid like decide that talking loudly or making big gestures with my hands would improve communication.

The next time, I was chatting with the cashier, and the young kid who was bagging barely filled my bags before turning to the plastic for the rest of my groceries. I chalked that up to him being new and pulled over to the side to re-bag my items and left the plastic bags behind. The third time was the last straw. I had a long-time bagger who wore no visible hearing aids, and I just stopped him as he was moving to the plastic bags when there was still tons of room left and had him only use my bags, and even started packing some of the stuff myself (which I’ve found makes the staff rather uncomfortable). I felt really obnoxious.

So today, I went online and sent a customer suggestion rather than a complaint. Or perhaps it was a request. I shared the problem I was having and asked if the next staff/team meeting could perhaps include a short primer on how to deal with customers who insist on bringing their own bags of varying sizes and material.

I’m hoping that with Whole Foods moving right into their backyard, they will be especially receptive to the suggestion. Those folks know how to pack a grocery bag.



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