Four Weeks from Easter, How Are You Lifting Women?

My Oscar night social media streams were full of critiques of women’s clothes, hair and body shapes. And it was always women who were critiquing other women. No men had an opinion of Tina Fey’s dress or Kate Winselt’s eyeglasses. But plenty of women engaged in plenty of bashing of other women.

Why do we do it?  Why must we find reasons to put down our sisters? Especially on a night  so dominated not only by white people, but by male people.  (Thank God for editing and documentary film making or the only women who walked away with Oscars would have been those nominated for female-only categories.)

So what are you doing to break the cycle? I’ve found that being conscious of the need to lift up women means that I don’t have to create ways to encourage other women…they just seem to appear.

I recently complimented a woman working a drive-through window on her ability to get even my confusing order right while juggling about five different things.

One of our church leaders did an outstanding job in communicating with a group of newcomers, and I made sure I let her and our whole team know it.

Ran into the overworked mom of a friend of my daughters who works in a specialty that is in desperate demand but in poor supply. I told her how much I appreciate what she does and how important it is.

I told another mom how much I like her daughter and how glad I am that our children are friends.

I have found this discipline has caused me to give voice to things I have thought and believed but, for some reason, have kept to myself.  And it has been fun and gratifying to take on a discipline that puts smiles on the faces of others.

What are some ways you are lifting women this Lent?





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