Lifting Women on International Women’s Day

For those of you who have taken the pledge to lift up women during Lent, International Women’s Day is a great day to double down on your efforts and take the commitment to the next level.

So far, most of us have been doing women-of-privilege lifting. We’ve been abstaining from criticizing other women’s appearance, choices and lifestyles, and working at offering words of encouragement, support and love. And those are powerful things to do. Women who feel encouraged are more likely to encourage others. It’s one of those small pebble, big ripple kind of things that motivational speakers love to talk about.

But on this International Women’s Day, let us consider what we can do to not only make women in our own circle feel empowered, but to make sure that women across the globe have access to education, equal pay, equal rights and the election ballot.

Here are a few suggestions for your consideration:

Support The Malala Fund that helps girls in Pakistan and around the world get an education that might otherwise be denied to them.

Join or start a I AM THAT GIRL chapter in your community.

Check out the Farmher movement and look at how one group is using imagery and community to change the way people think about farmers. Are you in a field dominated by men? How might you reframe the picture?

Give your daughter a copy of Rad American Women A-Z: Rebels, Trailblazers and Visionaries who shaped our History…and our Future!

Start a conversation by posting this video on social media.

Remember women who do not have rights and privileges we enjoy in your prayers, in the voting booth and with your donation dollars.

May we all work toward a world where people everywhere enjoy the equal rights, equal access and equalincome.

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