If you’re a pastor voting for Trump, you may owe some apologies

For years, I have been disheartened and dismayed by the way some churches and pastors treat people because of their marital status. I’m not even talking about same sex marriage (that’s another post), but old-fashioned, traditional marriage between a man and a woman.

I have met countless people who have been made to feel unworthy and unloved by their faith communities because they have one (or more) failed marriages in their history. The damage that has been done to abused women, people dealing with substance abuse issues and couples who just couldn’t make it work in the name of protecting the sanctity of marriage is staggering. At a time when people are at their lowest, to have a faith community reject rather than embrace them has driven many from church and faith altogether. And now I see many of the same church leaders who have ostracized the divorced and the remarried throwing their support behind Donald Trump.

We do live in a country where it is our privilege to vote for whomever we chose. And we also have the right to change our minds. In fact, anyone who is growing as a person of faith is going to change his or her mind from time to time.

However, if you are voting for the thrice-married, admitted adulterer for president and:

  • you have ever told a woman who was being abused by her husband that it would be a sin to leave,
  • you have told someone that they are no longer welcome at your church if they get a divorce
  • you have told someone who has been married before that they can only stay in your church if they don’t marry again
  • you have made someone feel less than worthy of belonging to your community of believers because of his/her marital status…

you probably owe one or more person an apology, since you are now saying that the very thing that made them an unacceptable church member is perfectly acceptable in a President.

I’m not asking anyone to change your vote. However, if the thrice-married, admitted adulterer who objectifies women is your candidate to lead our country, maybe you could rethink just who is and isn’t welcome in your church.

I am sorry message
I am sorry message

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