We See You and We Celebrate You



We see you and we celebrate you
We see the good you do
We see the love you share
We see the people you serve

We hear the names people call you
Names that we do not recognize or publicize, lest we legitimize
For those names don’t define you

We know you by one name
Beloved Child of God
Created in God’s own image

We don’t pretend to know your pain
But when you hurt, we hurt, too
We may not walk in your shoes
But we will walk beside you

In or out
Bold or bashful
Proud and strong or
Timid and tired
We welcome you

We see you struggle and
We marvel at your strength
We see you embrace who you are and hope
We can seize some self-acceptance as well

We see you and we celebrate you
You are worthy
You are loved
You are fabulous

–Rev. Anne Russ

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