Could Halloween Be Just What We Need?


I live in a neighborhood that gets besieged at Halloween. We have sidewalks and streetlights that provide the perfect trick-or-treat set-up. Not only do we have a lot of kids in our neighborhood, but people truck in (or mini-van in) to our neighborhood. We’ve never been able to buy enough candy to outlast the stream of trick-or-treaters. There are some neighbors who resent the intrusion, but our family loves the parade of characters that roam through our neighborhood and land at our door.

We don’t ask anyone where they are from, who they are voting for, what their religion is or who their momma is before we give them candy. Our only requirement is that you must entertain us. A simple costume satisfies that requirement. If you’re trying to sneak by without a costume, you better have a dance or a song or a joke ready if you want a treat from us.

That is our only requirement.  Be mildly entertaining, and you can have some candy. You don’t even have to speak English. “Trick-or-treat” transcends any one language.

Almost everyone who shows up is polite and grateful–which makes it all the easier to be hospitable.  The best are the really young kids who are just old enough to realize the wonder of being able to go from house to house and receive treats simply for asking.

A little childlike wonder. A bit of family-friendly entertainment. Houses and houses of generous spirits bearing candy for all who seek it. A nice break from the contentious season we find ourselves in.



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