Day 1 #liftupforlent

Thank you for taking on the discipline of encouragement for Lent. The goal is to do something to encourage at least one person everyday. There will be a suggestion each day for how you might encourage someone.  It may work out that you are able to use the daily suggestion each day, but you may find that you have different opportunities to encourage people throughout your day. Don’t feel that your actions and the day’s suggestion always has to match! The goal is to be intentional about encouraging others.

We’ll start off with an easy one. Today, validate what someone has said or done. This could be done in person by affirming what someone contributes to a meeting.  It can be a simple “I absolutely agree with you” or a “you are totally justified in feeling that way” in a conversation. It can even be a validating comment on social media–“you are SO right.”  When you validate someone, you are basically saying, “I recognize you. I care about you. I appreciate you.”

Validation can be especially important to someone who may feel marginalized by his/her opinions, preferences or choices.  Just a small sentence or two of validation can mean a great deal.



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