Day2 #liftupforlent

IMG_6048They won’t pay your rent, but according to a recent Japanese study, to the brain, receiving a compliment is as much a social reward as being rewarded money.
Give someone you meet today a sincere compliment. Something a little more meaningful that “cute shoes!” or “nice car!” Steer clear of comments on physical attributes and let a person know what you admire his/her skills, work ethic, faith life, traits, commitment to family or attitude.

Tell a cashier in a busy store that s/he is doing a great job.

Tell a friend how funny s/he is

Compliment a child on a newly developed skill–tying shoes, doing multiplication, trying a new food

Let a parent know that s/he is doing a great job

In his/her presence, offer up a person as an example (of a great cook, a skilled speaker, a organizer) to another person. “If you like piano music, you have got to hear Susie play.” “If you need to know how to build a deck, then Fred is your expert.”

It won’t make anyone’s car payment, but it can make them feel just as good…at least in Japan…but probably here, too.





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