Day 15 #liftupforlent

I am no Greek scholar (ask anyone), but I did take a year of Greek in seminary (because it was required for ordination), and I managed to retain a nugget or two of information that interested me.

Parakletos a Greek words that means comforter or encourager, and it is used several times throughout the New Testament to refer to the Holy Spirit.  I like that. The Holy Spirit as our comforter, our encourager, the one who lifts us up in difficult times.

I understand that the idea of comforter is one of most difficult to convey when translating the Bible into different language.  Translators living the Karre Mountains of the Central African Republic encountered this problem.  They couldn’t quite come up with a word in the Karre language that fit the bill.

Then one day, a translator watched a line of porters, all carrying heavy bags, but there was one man who was walking with no burden.

When the translator asked a local why the one man wasn’t doing his part. The man replied, “On these journeys, if one man falls ill or can no longer bear his load, that man is the one who falls down beside him and carries his load.”  So in the Karre Bible, the Holy Spirit is “the one who falls down beside us.”

Today, look for a chance to remind someone that the Holy Spirit is indeed the one who falls down beside us and helps us to bear whatever load we have to carry.



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