Day 16 #liftupforlent

Instead of saying, “let me know how I can help,” let someone know exactly how you will help. Many people* are not going to pull the trigger on just “letting you know,” but if you offer something specific, they’re more likely to take you up on it.

I’m free on Tuesday, why don’t you let me babysit so you can…

I know you’ve been swamped with work/sick kid/the flu, I’d like to bring you a meal. What night is good?

A lot of that volunteer/work/event project seems to a fallen on your shoulders, I’ll be glad to take the [specific] piece of it.

Put my compulsiveness to work for you. Let me come over and organize something (this is not something I could offer in good conscience, but others have done it for me, and it has been much appreciated).

If you know at least a handful of people, you know someone who could use a little help. Offer some, but offer something specific. It is always encouraging to know that you’re not in this life thing alone.

*I am not many people. I will always let you know what you can do. “How can I help?” are my favorite four words to hear strung together.


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