Day 18 #liftupforlent

The other day, I was at the grocery store and an elderly man in front of me was using a SNAP card–what we used to call food stamps. He had gone over his limit, and he was confused and a little distressed about how it had happened. While I was considering if the man would be offended or grateful if I stepped in and offered to pay the difference, the young man who was checking him out said, “Sir, this happens all the time. I bet we can figure this out together.” The line behind me was growing long, but the young man didn’t show an ounce of impatience or irritation. He helped the customer decide that there were, indeed, a couple of items that he could make do without until next week.  The man left with his dignity intact and, no doubt, with a renewed loyalty to the particular grocery chain.

When it was my turn, I told the young man that he had done an extraordinary job of handling the situation, he said, “thank you,” but it was clear that he didn’t know what I was talking about. He didn’t see that he had done anything that anyone else wouldn’t have done in his position.

I made note of the name on his name tag, and when I got home, I went online and sent an email to the manager of the store commending the employee for his kindness and customer service. I got a return email that day with thanks from the manager, letting me know that my note would be included in the employee’s file and would be noted each time he was up for a raise or a promotion.

Make a point today of reaching out to the supervisor/manager/coordinator of someone who goes over and above in his or her job.  Sometimes encouraging words do more than just make someone feel good. When sent to the right person, they can have a positive effect on someone’s career goals and paycheck.

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