Day 21 #liftupforlent

Today we went on our first two college tours with our daughter. Each visit started out with an intro from an admissions director, followed by a tour of the campus. At each university, both of the student tour guides did an excellent job. They were knowledgeable, articulate, entertaining, open to questions and just plain likable.

Because I’ve been focused on the art of encouragement during Lent, the first thing I did when we got back to the hotel after two back-to-back college tours was…well, the first thing I did was take a nap. But the second thing I did was email the admissions office of each university to let them know who our tour guide was and what a great job s/he did.

In the past, I a)might not have even thought of doing that or b)thought about and then decided it might seem a bit like sucking up to send such a message. But now, I do think about it, and I’ve decided that I can’t let what I imagine others might think of my motives prevent me from encouraging. If it’s done sincerely, encouragement is almost always appreciated.

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