Day 23 #liftupforlent

Today’s exercise of encouragement may seem counterintuitive, but it can be really meaningful to someone who is struggling.

Rather than downplaying people’s struggles by telling them “it’s no big deal” or “just don’t worry about it,” acknowledge that what they are going through is hard. Often when people are wrestling with a decision or particular situation, they can convince themselves that they are are the problem.  That they are just not smart enough or strong enough or mature enough to handle it. By acknowledging that what they are going through is difficult, you’re letting them know that anyone would be stressed or anxious or upset about what they are dealing with.

“Wow, that is really hard” or “Yeah, that really sucks” may not sound like encouraging words, but they can be. Especially if followed by, “I know you can get through this” or “I know that you can figure this out.”

There is something very encouraging about the acknowledgement from someone else that our struggle is, indeed, real. It doesn’t end the struggle, but it makes us feel less alone in the fight.

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