Day 25 #liftupforlent

“Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” I’m not sure who said it, but according to the internet, it was either coach Vince Lombardi or General George Patton.  Whoever it was, the statement has merit.

When we are overworked, overwrought and overwhelmed, even the slightest of problems can seem monumental.  There may no time when we are quite as susceptible to believing that things are hopeless than we have been sleepless.  The amount of caffeine we imbibe and our ability to cope start out in tandem, but can soon work in opposition around that fourth cup of  coffee before 9 a.m.

Sometimes, a person just needs another’s encouragement to take a break, to step away from the desk, to go home early or even (gasp!) take a day off. If fatigue makes us cowards, then perhaps some rest and renewal gives us the courage we need to triumph over those forces that seem determined to work against us.

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