Day 26 #liftupforlent

There is no parent in the world who doesn’t feel from time to time (or every freaking minute of every freaking day) that we have no idea what we’re doing, and that we’re likely screwing up our kids for life.

So one of the best ways to encourage a parent is to say something nice about his/her kid. Not just a generic compliment about how smart or talented the child is, but something that you have noticed and admired about their child.

Your child is so well mannered. She never fails to say please or thank you.

Your child is so thoughtful. He always pays attention to the younger kids at church and is always willing to listen to them, play with them or help them.

Your children are so much fun to be around. I always enjoy it when they are here.

The best compliment I ever got regarding my own child was from someone who worked with her on a theater production when she was 12. “She is just so comfortable with herself,” said the show’s music director. And I thought, “Oh, thank goodness. I must be getting something right.”

When a parent hears a compliment about how a child behaves or what kind of the person a child is, it is always encouraging. It tells us that we’re not completely screwing it up. That perhaps we do know a little bit about what we’re doing, and that, in spite of us, our kids might just turn out okay after all.


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