Day 34 #liftupforlent

As always, words of encouragement need to fit the person and their situation, but I have found this quote from Einstein really helpful at times. A pastor’s schedule can easily spiral out of control. Illnesses, deaths, relationship crises, conflicts in the congregation are never on the calendar–which is often already overbooked.  It can be overwhelming and become almost paralyzing. When there is more to do that I can ever get done, my first instinct is to crawl back in bed and pull the covers over my head.  But this quote from Einstein reminds me that while I can’t do it all, I can do something.

And then if that doesn’t do it, I reach back to my childhood. I am of the generation who grew up on claymation Christmas specials and the songs from those holiday classics are etched in my memory.

It may sound ridiculously simplistic, but when people are overwhelmed, sometimes the best encouragement you can give them is to just make a move. To start from where they are. To take the first step. When a person’s life gets crazy, sometimes the voice of sanity needs to come from outside, because their inner voice has opted to hide under the covers.

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