Day 39 #liftupforlent

As someone who is a master at falling on my face, crashing and burning and failing utterly and completely, I can attest to this quote. It may not be the best one to use immediately after someone has experienced a colossal fail, but it’s still a true statement. It’s a reminder that failing means we’ve tried–that we were brave and bold enough to try something new.

Sometimes encouragement means affirming someone’s actions–even if what they were going for didn’t quite work out. I’m not talking about a participation ribbon kind of affirmation or a trophy for good effort, but a sincere acknowledgement that their idea was good or their intent was authentic or even that their heart was in the right place.  An affirmation of their willingness leap in hopes that a net would appear.

We need brave and bold people in our world, and by affirming their spirit (even when their plans don’t come to fruition), we can encourage them to keep leaping and growing and creating.


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