Day 40 #liftupforlent

This is the final installment of the Lift up for Lent series on encouragement. Today we begin the journey of Holy Week, from the joyous shouts of Hosannas to the breaking of the bread at the Last Supper to the cries of “Crucify Him!” to the tragedy of the cross and on to the victory of Easter.  It is quite a roller coaster of a ride.

This is perhaps the best week of the year to encourage someone who has drifted away from the church or who has never had a faith community to consider giving one a try.  Like Holy Week, life can be quite a roller coaster ride, and I am convinced that we were not created to go it alone.  God is always with us, but we need other people to make the journey alongside us and to encourage us along the way when the terrain gets to rough to make it on our own.

Keep encouraging. There are enough critics and naysayers in this world. There are plenty of people ready to tear down others. May we always be the one who do the lifting up.

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1 thought on “Day 40 #liftupforlent”

  1. Thanks Anne. I have really enjoyed these posts. They have been a great reminder of the need for a discipline of encouragement. Thanks for encouraging me and showing me how to encourage others on this Lenten journey. Blessings of Holy Week.

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