The Bible On Location On-Line Bible Study launches in one week

Make the commitment to study scripture in different spaces and places for 28 days.

When television shows or movies are filmed they can be filmed “in studio” or “on location.” The on location shoots are more complicated than the in studio ones, but are generally more exciting and interesting.

Too often, our Bible study is relegated to “in studio” study–either only in church or in the same place in our homes or work places. The goal ofthis study is to take the Bible “on location” and get a different perspective on what God is saying to us through The Word by reading scripture in different spaces and places .

Join us for a 28-day on location Bible study challenge.  Experience the Bible in a whole new way by reading scriptures daily in different settings.

Beginning August 13, you’ll get:

  • A weekly schedule of locations via email so that you can plan ahead. (all locations are easy to access and some will be in your own home)
  • A daily email of readings with reflection questions
  • Access to a private FB page where you and other participants can share thoughts, questions and experiences.
  • Encouragement to keep you going throughout the program
  • Prayers and meditations to use to help enrich your time with scripture

The cost for all of the above is only $25. Sign up today, and we’ll help you make good on your plans to spend more time with that Bible gathering dust on your nightstand.

Register now and get ready to experience the Bible in a whole new way.

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