Help Stop Outrage Addiction

We all know there is an opioid addiction epidemic plaguing our country. An epidemic that is far too serious and complicated a problem to fix in a blog post.

However, there is another epidemic sweeping the country (if not the entire world) that can easily be addressed is five simple steps. I’m referring, of course, to our growing addiction to outrage.

It seems there is nothing that America loves more than to be outraged by a news story, editorial, Tweet or Facebook post and then pass that outrage along. It seems that the outrage fix is not satisfying unless it is shared with others.

Break the cycle and help others do the same. Stop being a slave to the feelings of outrage and the uncontrollable desire to spread it by following these five simple steps the next time to see a post, picture, meme, Tweet or news item that makes your blood begin to boil.

  1. Ask yourself, “Does this really matter at all?” If the answer is yes, ask yourself, “Why?” If you can’t come up with an answer if five seconds, disregard and discard.
  2. Check the date on the item. No sense losing your mind over something that happened six months ago, but is just now coming across your desktop, feed or inbox.
  3. Check the source. Is it an extremely left-wing or right-wing publication? Is it even a real publication?  Check this list from Politifact to see if it’s on their list of sources that are far from legit. Really, if it’s not from the Washington Post, The New York Times or an overseas outlet, its veracity is questionable.
  4. Is sharing this going to be helpful to someone? Does it give them info they desperately need to know? Does it give them an action to take to make the world a better place? Will it make someone laugh? If no, then why bother?
  5. Would you be okay with your grandmother or an eight-year-old reading it? If not, why are you posting this trash? Stop it!

Only you can prevent the spread of outrage. Take the first step today.

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