10 Reasons a “whites only” America would be a terrible place to live

This idea of a whites only country is not only offensive and ridiculous, it would be a logistical nightmare. I mean, how white do you have to be? Is there a shade-o-rometer?  Is there a DNA test you have to take? What if it’s summer, and you’re just really tan…or orange? See?

Sure, there are far more than 10 reasons why a whites-only country would be a drab and dreary palce, but if you don’t establish parameters, you’d never stop.

So here are mine (feel free to add your own):

1. Hockey would become the national pastime

2. The only ethnic food available would be Italian…and maybe Greek, if they were light skinned Greeks (refer back to shade acceptability scale)

3. Nothing but country music on the radio

4. We would lose Shonda Rhimes and all the good tv she creates

5. The Queen B would no longer reign over our country

6. Most of our nail salons would disappear

7. Polo shirts and khakis would be considered the height of fashion

8.  White people would try to do hip hop to fill the vacuum

9. There would be no more performances of Hairspray, Book of Mormon or Aladdin

10. There would never be a Chelsea/Malia ticket for the White House

11. Who wants to live in a world where everyone looks the same? Yawn. (I’m lousy with parameters)

Additional note: the only people I can see truly benefitting from a whites only nation is the sunscreen industry. Someone should look in to that.


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