Prayer–There’s an App for That

In our 22 plus 44 days to a Personal Practice, we’ve talked about how technology can be a great aid to prayer and devotional disciplines. If you haven’t checked out these apps, take a look.

The Ceaseless app is designed to pull from your contacts and remind you daily to pray for three or more of them (picked at random) from your contact list. The beauty of this app is that you’ll end up praying for people you don’t know that well, people who may have fallen off your radar and people you don’t even like, as well as for close friends and family.

If you like the breath prayer, then you might want to try the Breathe app that guides you through breath meditation.

The Centering Prayer app provides a lead in prayer and scripture and then a time of your setting of silence.

D365 is a daily devotional (you can also go to and have daily devotionals delivered to your inbox). They are supposed to be designed for youth, but it’s one of my favorite devotions. It takes you through brief pause, listen, think, pray and go exercises.

If you are a J on the Meyer’s Briggs spectrum and like lists and order, then Echo Prayer may be for you. It allows you to record your prayers, keep track of them, categorize them, share them with friends. It can also be set to remind you to pray.

Take one or more of these for a test run this weekend to see if your phone could become part of your prayer practice.  The next time someone admonishes you for being on your phone too much, you can tell them, “but I’m praying!”

Note: a new group of 22 plus 44 Days to a Personal Prayer Practice will begin January 1, but you can sign up today. 

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