Everybody Hurts

It is a powerful indicator of the mood and the state of our country that the American Music awards opened last night with a soulful duet cover of REM’s Everybody Hurts by Pink and Kelly Clarkson. Last year the opening of the award’s show was a supercharged Bruno Mars medly, and the year before that it was a dance extravaganza, featuring host JLo and Nicki Minaj. This year, the show opened with ballad that acknowledges people’s hurt and encourages them to hold on.

It reminded me that the video of the original wins my award for “Best Theologically Sound Music Video.”  I also thought that, as we enter this season of merriment that is not always so merry for very many, it might be a good reminder that we are not alone.

If you are in the greater Little Rock/North Little Rock area, First Pres Argenta is having a Blue Christmas Service on Tuesday, December 5 at 6 p.m. All are welcome.

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