10 Things Not to Say at Thanksgiving

Make your holiday a happy one. Based on my experience and extensive research, here are the top 10 questions to avoid this Thanksgiving Day.

  1. So, what do you think about Trump?
  2. When are you two getting married?
  3. When are you having kids/another kid/trying for a boy/girl? (basically stay away from all talk of people’s sex lives and reproductive choices)
  4. Do you have a job yet?
  5. How can you stand living in the big city/out in the country/in that tiny apt?
  6. Should you really be eating that second piece of pie?
  7. Hey, remember when you did that horribly embarrassing/gross/immoral thing that everyone has forgotten about and some people don’t even know?
  8. So, you really don’t eat any meat? You’re not even going to taste the turkey?
  9. How is your ex doing?
  10. Would you like to hear all about what Plexus/Limelight/Young Living can do for you?

Avoid asking these questions and your guests will be thankful for you…plus studies (mine) show that you’ll increase your odds of Happy Thanksgiving by at least 50 percent.

For alternative topics, check out Fun Facts to Steer Your Table Talk Away from Politics.


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