Only Two

This is what we’ve come to:

Thank you God.

Only two this time. 

Only two children died in the latest school shooting. (I mean, at the time of this writing it is the latest school shooting…at least as far as I know…there’s probably another one happening by now.) 

Thank you, God, that it was high school kids. Kids who have grown up in the school shooting culture and have been trained in how to react. That’s why only two died and just 18 were injured. It could have been much worse in a community or culture where people weren’t expecting it.

God, please help our teachers and school administrators find more and better ways to keep the children of our nation safe in a world where there is clearly nothing we can do to stop gun violence. 

Give our children the ability to think fast and react decisively in the midst of active shooter situations. 

Hear the thoughts and prayers that all of our elected official are lifting. This time, there’s only a smattering across Twitter, so make sure you catch them. 

Perhaps the next time an angry young person picks up a gun and heads to school, you could jam the weapon for  a time to give others a head start. Not telling you how to do your job…just a suggestion. 

Only two this time. Thanks be to God. 


We must do better. 

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