Feel Good Fridays

We could all use a little good news these days, so every Friday, Doubting Believer will bring  you things to watch, listen to or read that are sure to make you feel good.

To experience welcome and hospitably, you have to watch the first episode of season two of Queer Eye on Netflix. The Fab Five go into rural Georgia to help a devoutly religious woman realize her longtime dream of creating a community center for her church and town.  It may be the best thing I’ve seen on a screen all year.

Listen to the June 19th episode of the It’s Been a Minute podcast that features Niecey Nash. Pay attention to the difference between what she considers her “job” and what is her “assignment.” This lady knows how to do gratitude and grace.

Have you given up on politics? Think we are doomed to live in this toxic, partisan divide until the end of days? Check out this Daily Show report about Wilmot Collins, an African refugee who is the first Black mayor of any city in the history of Montana (a state that overwhelmingly voted for DJT).

A great sermon preached at the MTV Movie and TV Awards? Yes! The Starman himself, Chris Pratt, has got some good theology (and some weird tips) going on, and is not afraid to share it.

There are  good people doing good things in our world everyday. And even though it may be hard to see it, God is still working in us, around us and through us. Perhaps at least one of these “feel goods” will help remind you of that.


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