18 Days of Encouraging Others

William Barclay, one of the world’s most prolific Christian commentators, said, “One of the highest of human duties is the duty of encouragement…It is easy to laugh at [people’s] ideals; it is easy to pour cold water on their enthusiasm; it is easy to discourage others. The world is full of discouragers. We have a Christian duty to encourage one another. Many a time a word of praise or thanks or appreciation or cheer has kept a [person] on [his/her]feet. Blessed is the [one] who speaks such a word.” (I have to imagine if Barclay were alive today, he would have used inclusive language.)

It is our Christian duty to encourage one another. What if we really took that duty seriously?  What if we lived out 1 Thessalonians 5:11, Therefore encourage one another and build up each other, as indeed you are doing. [NRSV]?

Practice. Practice. Practice. 

Practicing the Art of Encouraging Others is absolutely critical in our time if we are to make sure that those who are working for justice, fighting for freedom and advocating for others do not falter because of disillusion, disappointment or plain old compassion fatigue. There must be encouragers if movements are to flourish and resistance is to lead to change.

Plus, in the process of encouraging others, you will find that you, too will be encouraged. It is unavoidable.

Make the Commitment 

Beginning August 1, Doubting Believer will bring you 18 days of scripture and a new way each day  to reach out, lift up and encourage those around you.

So click below and make the commitment and join me for 18 days of Practicing the Art of Encouraging Others.  It’s free!

I’m In! 


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