A Back To School Prayer

In my neck of the woods, most schools kick off classes tomorrow. Whether or not we have kids of our own, we all benefit when the children in our community have positive experiences in school and receive a solid education. Here’s a prayer we can pray today and throughout the year for the kids, teachers and parents in our midst. 

Thank you, God for children whose excitement and energy and creativity inspire us all to be more childlike in our lives and in our faith.  As kids of all ages prepare for another school year, may they be kind to one another, love their teachers, have plenty to eat and always have someone to help with their homework.  

Thank you for those who hear and answer the call to nurture and educate our children–the ones who keep the peace, herd the cats, grade the papers, impart knowledge and instill a love of learning. Walk beside them and lift them up this year as they help shape and grow the next generation. 

Be with parents who wake the kids, fix the lunches, volunteer at the schools, wait in pick-up lines and help with the homework.  Make your calming and comforting presence known to those who have no idea how they will juggle all of those things with demanding jobs, difficult relationships and diminished budgets. 

Thank you for the friends and co-workers and neighbors who will step in to help, encourage and triage when children are discouraged, parents are frustrated and teachers are weary. 

Let us never fail to revel in the joy of a problem solved, a test aced, a friend made or a challenge met.  

In the midst of it all, may we be present to the God who created us, the Christ who knows what it is to be us, and the Holy Spirit who inspires us and infuses us with the strength to get up and to it all again each day.




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