DB Community Officially Launches in One Week!

Why Doubting Believer?

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What does it mean to be a Doubting Believer Community Member?

Each month, members of Doubting Believer will have access to:

  • A weekly scripture-based message delivered via Facebook live
  • Access to a members only FB page with music, video, art and story posts that incorporate the theme of the week’s scripture
  • Access to member’s only posts with resources for celebrating, observing and praying through the liturgical (church calendar) year. In other words—ways to keep holy days and seasons holy.
  • A monthly mission emphasis (ways to make a difference) with accountability check-ins.
  • Knowledge that 10 percent of your membership fee goes to groups that help the least of these (and I’ll tell you where your money goes).

You can try it for 30 Days for FREE.  That’s right–FREE. AND if you commit to trying it out before our official launch date of September 1, and you decide to stay, you will lock in the $25 monthly fee for life. For being an early adopter, your general membership fee to Doubting Believer will never increase as long as you remain a member.

Once your 30 days is up, membership is charged on a month by month basis and can be cancelled at any time.

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