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A Prayer for Decision Making

I recently ran across a Prayer for Decision Making. I took a look at it and decided pretty quickly it was not a prayer that I could pray authentically. So I wrote my own Prayer for Decision Making: 

Ok, God,

I’ve got this HUGE decision to make. I know You realize it’s not nearly the big deal I have made it out to be in my head, because You know the big picture and can see that this is just barely a blip on the universe’s radar. But for me it’s a BIG DEAL. I have no idea what to do. I go back and forth and back and forth. I’ve done the lists of pros and cons. I’ve flipped the coin to see what my reaction is to its landing. Still nothing.

So I’m turning this over to You. I mean, I know that You know that I’m not  really going to turn it over to You. I’m just going to say I’m turning it over to you and continue to stew about it. So help me out here. Help me actually do the thing I’m saying I’ll do in this prayer.

I want to trust You.

I want to believe that things will turn out like they should…even if I don’t like the outcome.

I want to trust that Your will is being done, and that You know better than I do.

So if You could show me a sign, like a big rainbow or a bluebird of happiness or even an angel that would appear and literally tell me what to do, that would be great.

But if that’s not gonna be a thing, help me to trust that You will guide my discernment, calm my fears and love me even if I royally screw things up.


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