Feel Good Friday #12

Not gonna lie. It was hard to come up with Feel Good Friday on a week that has felt really lousy…but that’s why it is important. When the bad news is crushingly overwhelming, we need to be reminded that are good people doing good things all over the place–they just don’t get much press. And we should never, ever, ever underestimate the healing power of laughter.

Two kids who met while undergoing treatment at St. Jude’s have grown up and gotten married–to each other.

I have a special affinity for this story, as I have found school janitors to be (in general) some of the happiest and most generous people around. Clearly, I’m not the only one, and some students at Bristol College decided to give their favorite janitor a well deserved vacation. 

Already know that forgiveness is good for the soul? Well, it’s better for the whole you than you can even imagine.

Just for laughs: In Ojre, Norway, pedestrians crossing the street have been encouraged—by an official-looking street sign—to show off their best silly walk.

The art installation was an homage to Monty Python and its co-founder, the tall, lanky John Cleese.


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