A Prayer for Election Day 2018

Gracious and loving God,

Today, we give thanks that we live in the United States and for the freedoms and rights we often take for granted.

We are grateful for the right to vote, and we honor those who sacrificed so that we might each have a voice. May we never take the privilege for granted.

We ask that You would help heal the deep divisions that exist in our country. Help us come together to solve the problems we all face.

Together, may we work toward:

equal rights for all humankind

the exorcism of racism and the eradication of hate

a way of welcome to those seeking refuge

jobs for those who need them

food for those who are hungry and shelter for those who are cold 

healthcare for all, particularly the very young, the elderly and the disabled

a country where everyone (regardless of race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation or location) feels heard, accepted and cared for.

Give us the strength and the patience and the wisdom to work together to make such a country possible. 

May we all bear witness to our faith in God and commitment to Christ by loving one another, even when we don’t agree.

In the name of the Creator and the Christ and the Holy Spirit,


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