Do You Have a Faith Statement?

Recently, I was called upon to submit a statement of faith for a project I’m working on. I’ve done a number of these over the course of my life and ministry career, but this time I decided to toss out the seminary language and the “key words” I know the powers that be are looking for in a proper Reformed theology faith statement and just say what I believe. 

Here’s what I came up with: 

I believe in one true and triune God who creates the earth and declares it good.
I believe that the incarnation changed everything for all of us forever.  
I believe that Jesus Christ came to earth fully human and fully God to become one of us, to walk among us, to teach us and to go all the way to the cross for us and then overcome death so that we don’t ever have to be afraid. 
I believe that the Holy Spirit works in ways that we can’t even begin to imagine or understand. 
I believe that we are all beloved children of God. 
I believe that the Bible is God’s sacred gift to use to help us live in to the life God created us for, and that it should never, ever be used as a weapon. 

I believe that everyone is welcome at the table of Jesus Christ.
I believe that a faith that wrestles with questions will always be stronger than one that never asks any. 
I believe that we are called to encourage each other along the way and that we get to live with Jesus in the end. 

The great thing about statements of faith is that, like your faith, they are always changing and growing. I can go back tomorrow or two years from now and make some adjustments or additions. 

Do you have a personal faith statement? 

I have a great free tool to guide you in creating one. It’s a great exercise, and one you can go back to again and again. 

Click here to get your copy.  And I’d love for you share what you come up with (or a faith statement you already have) in the comments. 

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