Feel Good Friday #25!

It’s our 25th installment of Feel Good Friday! Everyone who shares this on FB will be entered to win a copy of my favorite Feel Good book–Frederick Buechner’s Peculiar Treasures

Did you see this kindergarten teacher who decided to play Santa Claus to make sure all the kindergartners had a Merry Christmas? 

Jim Gaffigan makes the case for Christmas when it’s warmer.

Don’t you wish you could get as excited over something as simple as a bottle of ketchup? 

This Netflix movie gets my vote for the new Feel Good Christmas Movie of 2018.

Looking for New Year’s Resolutions to make you feel good instead of guilty? Check out this list of suggestions to get you started. 

Why not try out the Doubting Believer member community in 2019? You can try it for free for two weeks. Check us out! 

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