Feel Good Friday #26

There’s Good News for everybody this Friday!

First of all, congrats to Neil Myer of Michigan for winning the copy of Peculiar Treasures by Fredrick Buechner for sharing last week’s 25th edition of Feel Good Friday. Thanks to all who shared the Good News!

Good news for religion nerds. There are two new books out on the peaceful origins of Islam. Greater understanding of each other’s religions creates a better world for us all. That’s good news, indeed.

Good news for pet lovers. Animals appear to be getting better at acting. And a seven-year-old has won the ASPCA’s Kid of the Year award for rescuing over 1,300 dogs.

Good news for rock-and-roll fans…and fans of the postal service. A post office in Jimi Hendrix hometown of Seattle will bear his name.

In good news for Steely Dan fans, comedian John Mulaney is doing his best to keep their music alive.

Good news for advocates for diversity and education. Former white house staffer is turning Michelle Obama’s book, Becoming, into a curriculum for young black girls.

What good news have you had this week?

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