Lighten up for Lent

Lent begins on March 6 and runs through Easter. Lent is a time of discipline and reflection to prepare hearts and minds and souls for Easter. “Lightening up” is generally not associated with this traditionally somber time.

But I’ve partnered with some really cool friends and colleagues to give you some options of how to lighten up–your hearts, your souls, your world, your homes and your bodies. Perhaps by lightening the load of the things that are weighing us, we can make room from more things that lift us up.

Over the course of the week, look for ways to lighten up your life for Lent with the following folks.

Stefanie Ramsey with Green Sage

Rev. Marie Mainard O’Connell with Lenten Plastics

Rev. John Arnold with the Practical Disciple 

Val Solomon with Busy Mom Gets Fit

and me with Doubting Believer.

I’ll be putting out videos of the various offerings here and on our Facebook page throughout the week.

Here’s the first one from me:

Sign up here for more info on this challenge.  Look for more options coming your way.

IMPORTANT:  We’re not suggesting that anyone take on ALL of the offerings. Just choose one. If you’re an overachiever, maybe two.  



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