Ash Wednesday

We intentionally step onto this Lenten path hoping to grow in our love of God, love of each other, and love for our own precious, flawed selves. Recognizing that life is fleeting should only cause us to love more fiercely, more deeply and without reservation. 

Gracious God, it is hard to think that we will die someday.

We dream, make plans, and talk about what we’ll do in the near future.

We don’t always think about what you want.

Instead, we make choices that we think are good for us.

We confess that we forget we need you all the time.

We confess that sometimes we make choices that aren’t what you want.

Holy God, we are sorry for our sin.

Help us to do what you want us to do through Jesus, our Lord. Amen.

May your love of life, your trust in God, your hope in Christ and your appreciation of your fabulous self expand and grow this Lenten season.

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