Ten Things I Want My High School Graduate to Know

It’s graduation time. That means lots of top 10 lists and unsolicited advice from all sorts of people. And since I have a daughter graduating this year, there’s no way I’m not making my own list.

10 Things I Want My High School Graduate to Know

(Okay, I think we all know that there are many more Top 10 things we want our kids to know, but all of them at once would be too overwhelming.)

You are a beloved child of God. I know, you’ve heard me tell you and so many other people that during your lifetime that you’ve probably stopped listening, but it’s still true!

There is no problem so great that we can’t solve it together (props to the Rev. Leslie Roper for that one), so don’t despair, give in or give up when life gets hard. We can figure it out. We’re smart people…and beloved children of God (see above).

Everyone has something to teach you…even people with entirely different talents and interests…even people who aren’t as smart as you…even people you don’t like. Pay attention. Learn.

You don’t get anywhere all on your own. There are people along the way who teach, guide, advise and cheer you. Don’t take them for granted.

Never, ever take an open drink that someone hands you. I know I’ve been telling you this since you were ten, but it stands.

Don’t be conceited or arrogant. At the same time, know that when anyone tells you that you are anything less than awesome, they are wrong.

Show up for people–the weddings, the funerals, the performances, the birthdays and the I-got-the-job celebrations. It’s important.

Difficult people have had difficult lives. That doesn’t excuse their behavior, but it might help inform yours.

Don’t ever be so busy trying to keep your head above water that you forget how much you love to swim. In other words, work hard, but don’t get so caught up in working hard that you forget how much you love what you do.

Rev. Anne Russ is an ordained pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA). Doubting Believer is an online, progressive and inclusive faith community. Like us on FB, follow revruss3 on Instagram and sign up to keep up with all things Doubting Believer.

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