The Power of Remembrance

On this Memorial Day weekend, in the midst of the barbecues, float trips and pool gatherings, let us not forget to remember. To remember those who gave their lives in service and to acknowledge the power of remembrance.

If you know someone who has lost a loved one who was serving, reach out today. One of the things grieving people fear is that the person they love will be forgotten, by society, by friends and even by family. Sending an email or making a phone call to let them know that you remember the person they love and miss will be a gift appreciated long beyond today.

Memorial Day is a day to remember that we did not get here on our own. I am about as anti-war as you can get, but I do recognize, acknowledge and appreciate that much of the life I enjoy here today is due to the sacrifices of those who came before me. And that is not limited to people who gave their lives in service to their country. Those who fled religious persecution and forge a life in a new land. Those who stood up for women’s rights and fought for the right for women to vote. Those who marched for civil rights and stood up against injustice and prejudice at their own expense. There have been many sacrifices made by the generations that came before us so that we might have the lives we live today.

Remembrance is a gift. Jesus didn’t institute the sacrament of communion and say, “Remember me” because He has some powerful need to be remembered. He did it to give us a way, a ritual, a place to remember. In those times that we feel we’ve lost the connection to our Christ, when we’ve forgotten Whose we are, when we don’t remember just why we ever believed in the first place, we have a place to come to gather and to be fed and to remember.

It is in remembering those who gave so much that inspires us to continue to give.

Never underestimate the power of remembrance, to soothe, strengthen and sanctify us for the journey ahead–forging a path that will, one day, be worthy of remembrance.

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