Feel Good Friday #48

Some weeks are harder than others, but every week, Doubting Believer brings you things to read, watch or listen to that are sure to make you smile. Because no matter how bad things are, good things are still happening. We all could use a little good news.

Some fantastic folks from Home Depot built a walker for a little boy whose insurance wouldn’t cover the cost of one. (I realize this is a story about how lousy healthcare is in our country, but let’s celebrate the generosity of spirit demonstrated here.)

New Hampshire has repealed the death penalty and Maine has become the 17th state to outlaw “conversion therapy” for LGBTQ people. Good news for those of us with a pro-whole life agenda.

This week, America’s Got Talent (see video below) , American Ninja Warriors  and my own community’s Repertory Theater showed us that the term “differently abled” is not just some euphemism. The gifts of three young men who also happen to be autistic were on display for all to see, proving that what makes us different also makes us pretty awesome.

Check out how this school in India is fighting poverty AND saving the planet!

Rocketman hits theaters today!

Get some rest, do something fun, connect with people in real life and spend some time with God this weekend. Make renewal a priority so that you are able to be the person God calls you to be. Take care of yourself. The world needs you.

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