Advent begins tomorrow! We all could use a season of hope, joy, peace and love? If you are from a tradition that doesn’t generally observe Advent, this is time to start. If you have friends who are not “Advent people,” invite them to join us. It’s been a rough year, and we could all use an extra dose of the time of holy expectation and anticipation that is Advent. 

Do you have your calendar?

Don’t miss out!  Download the Advent calendar that gives an extra boost of meaning to each day of Advent without piling on to an already busy to-do list. It’s free, and it’s fun!

Have you heard the first Advent episode of Parents Take Five where I join Rev. Jen Evans to talk about Advent?

Listen here.

Are you ready? Let’s go to Bethlehem!

Doubting Believer will be bringing you tools and encouragement for your journey throughout Advent.

Rev. Anne Russ is an ordained pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA), currently based in New York City. Doubting Believer provides tools and encouragement for the rollercoaster ride of your faith journey. Follow me on Facebook , Instagram and YouTube. You can also follow on TikTok. Get emails to keep up with all that is happening.

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