FGF#128 News to Make You Smile (Music Edition)

Every week Doubting Believer brings you things to read, watch or listen to that are sure to make you smile. Because we all could use a little good news.

This week, we’re going with fun music to bring a smile to your face.

2020 The Musical

I love a good musical. This one even made me laugh about 2020.

Charlie Brown Christmas Music Mash-up

This mash-up of Vince Guaraldi music from the Charlie Brown specials HAS to make you smile.

I Wish it Was Christmas

Grammar aside, this SNL cover of a Cheap Trick Christmas song makes me smile every time.

For the Hallmark Movie Fans

Get some rest.

Connect with people you love.

Talk to God.

Take good care of yourself. The world needs you.

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