Haikus of The Bible

Today is National Haiku Day. About a year ago, in an effort to demonstrate how much of a Bible geek I am, I created a haiku for each book of the Bible.

It was actually about a little bit more than simply trying to establish my Bible Geek cred. It was a way to get clear in my head what the major themes (albeit incredibly simplified) of each Book of are. I found it especially helpful with the minor prophets and the epistles–which often run together or get mixed up in my head.

Consider using the “haiku method” to strengthen and solidify your own understanding on what the different books of the Bible teach us. Create your own poems about books (or even characters of the Bible).

Haikus of the Bible is not at all meant to reduce the books of the Bible to three line poems, but just another way to delve into God’s word. After all, you have to have a pretty good understanding of something to attempt to summarize in just three lines.

My complete list of Haikus of the Bible is available to our Patreon members and in the online class Light up the World. You can learn more about both below.

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