FGF #180: News to Make You Smile

Every week, Doubting Believer brings you things to read, watch and listen to that are sure to make you smile.

Winnie the Pooh’s House in the Woods

Fans of the 100-Acre Woods will love this little house that longtime Winnie the Pooh illustrator has created.

Chat. Checkouts

Opening van de Kletskassa bij de Jumbo in Udenhout, 27 september 2021. Foto: Photo Republic / Marco De Swart

The Dutch really lead the way in caring for older adults in their country: intergenerational living, fall-prevention programs and they have government-funded national Care for the Elderly program. Now their largest supermarket chain is opening up a Chat Checkout station in each of its supermarkets as a place for lonely older people (who have particularly isolated in the pandemic) can take some time and have a conversation with their checker. Fun Fact: when we lived in Germany, I would sometimes trek the 40 minutes to the Netherlands to shop at the Jumbo Grocery store.

Tesco Launches Refillable Revolution

Tesco grocery stores are testing out 10 zero waste grocery stores in East England.

Get some rest.

Do something fun.

Connect with people you love.

Talk to God.

Take radically good care of yourself. The world needs you.

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